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Facts about Brian Shaw-

Profession :basketball player
Country:Beach, Florida
Birthday date:June 9th 1971

Brian Shaw is a basketball player who has played for the Los Angeles Lakers, Indiana Pacers and Denver Nuggets. He retired in 2017 with an estimated net worth of $14 million. Brian was born to basketball players George and Margaret Shaw in West Palm Beach, Florida, on June 9th 1971. His father, George Shaw, played from 1969-1974 for the NBA’s Seattle Supersonics before playing in Italy and being a member of the 1972 gold medal-winning US Olympic Basketball team.

What makes him successful?

Brian Shaw is currently coaching the Golden State Warriors in his first season with the team. On September 23rd 1971, Brian was born in Philadelphia, PA as the son of former NBA basketball players Lloyd Shaw and Anne Smith-Shaw. His family moved to York during his high school years so that he could play basketball.

He had a basketball scholarship with the University of Tennessee, playing for them from 1990-1993, where he wore number 34 and was nicknamed “Shawty Lo” by his teammates. He played in two NCAA Tournaments while at UT but never won either time. After college basketball, Shaw turned to pro basketball and signed with the Sacramento Kings as an undrafted free agent during their 1994 preseason camp on October 24th 1993, after going unsigned through most of September that year.

For nine seasons, Brian would play professionally until 2003 when he retired due to injuries sustained throughout his career, including four surgeries on his left knee, three surgeries on both shoulders (including one in 1995), and surgery performed twice each on both ankles and fingers (left index finger)


Why is he famous?

He was named the NBA All-Defensive Second Team three times and played in two NBA Finals with the Houston Rockets (1995, 1997) but never won. He finished his basketball career as a player at age 33 after being waived by the Orlando Magic on February 18th 2003. Brian had spent most of 2002 recovering from surgery for chronic plantar fasciitis.

He was the first player to be signed by basketball legend Michael Jordan as a free agent since he took over as owner of the then-Charlotte Bobcats basketball team in 2010 but never played for them before retiring from basketball altogether after sustaining an injury during training camp that year and briefly served as an assistant coach for the team.

Brian Shaw is now a basketball coach, being in charge of the Golden State Warriors since June 2016 and formerly coaching basketball at his alma mater UT from 2009-2011 and with teams like the Denver Nuggets (2009) and Indiana Pacers (2012). He has also served head coach positions on international basketball squads such as the Canadian National basketball team (2011) and as an assistant coach for national teams in China, South Korea, Qatar, and Puerto Rico.

Early career

He has won a gold medal with Canada and Trinidad & Tobago basketball at Pan-American Games tournaments. He also served as an Olympic volunteer during the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, including coaching basketball for the basketball team of Argentina.

Brian Shaw is married to his high school sweetheart, Kim Gooden-Shaw and they have one daughter together named Brianna. They live in San Diego, where Brian coaches basketball at Point Loma Nazarene University and teaches a course with them on leadership skills that he also lectured on at the University of Louisville in 2005. 

Brian Shaw has been quite successful as a basketball player, coach, and citizen worldwide. His basketball success includes:

  • Two NBA All-Defensive Second Team nods.
  • Nine years are playing pro basketball (including four seasons with Sacramento Kings).
  • Three international gold medals spanning from 1997 while still playing to 2011 after his retirement.
  • Being basketball coach of an NBA team.

Fame and Work

Brian Shaw is a basketball player with an all-around game who has been playing for quite some time. His basketball career started in college at the University of Southern California, and the Los Angeles Lakers drafted him to play point guard after his junior season. He then played 15 seasons in the NBA before retiring from basketball due to injuries suffered on the basketball court.

He was a two-time NBA champion, a six-time All-Star and an Olympic Gold Medalist who played for Team USA in basketball. He has been playing basketball since he was 14 years old, and at one point throughout his career, Brian Shaw averaged 15 points per game with three assists per game to go along with it. In 1995, he led the Lakers to their first championship in 12 years by averaging 20 points per game during playoff action that year and NBA Champion; Los Angeles Lakers.

Personal Life and Earnings

Brian Shaw is a basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks and has been since 2016. He started his basketball career in 1988, where he played with UCLA Bruins, making three Final Four appearances. His first NBA season was in 1990 when he joined Portland Trail Blazers as a backup centre and power forward. In 1994, Brian moved to Minnesota Timberwolves before being traded to Orlando Magic. In 1998, he joined New York Knicks before returning to Portland Trail Blazers in 2000 for his final season as a basketball player.

  • His personal life is centred around basketball and his family. He married his wife LaToya after they had two daughters named Taylor and Cassidy (and one son named Bryce). Brian and LaToya transferred to the University of California, Los Angeles, from their hometowns to play basketball.
  • Brian has earned about $115 million throughout his career as a basketball player and currently holds the record for most blocks in an NBA Finals game with 12 (which was set at Game Two against Miami Heat on June 21st, 2012). He is also ranked seventh all-time for most total blocks over a season and fourth for blocked shots per game during one single playoff run.
  • His basketball was playing salary alone averages out to be around $11,500,000.

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