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Facts of Candace owens

Profession:Political activist
Date of Birth:April 29, 1989
Country:United States of America

Candace Owens is an American conservative commentator, TV personality and pro-Trump activist. She’s also a YouTube star best known for her commentary on the Black Lives Matter movement and its impact on racial politics in America.

who is candace owens?

Candace Owens is an American conservative commentator and activist. She has over 700,000 followers on Twitter and was a former member of the Young Leaders Program at Turning Point USA. She is best known for her YouTube videos where she discusses political issues from the point of view that black Americans should not vote Democrat because it does nothing to help them economically or socially. Candace believes that blacks are being manipulated by white liberals who want to keep them dependent on welfare programs. In this way, voting Republican will ultimately help end racism in America. 

Candace also made headlines when Kanye West tweeted out support for her saying “I love how Candace Owens thinks.”

.She has been a guest on Fox News, CNN, HLN, CSPAN and more. In 2018 she became the director of communications at Turning Point USA (TPUSA).  Candace is also known for her viral videos on YouTube where she shares her thoughts about politics and culture with over 2 million subscribers. Her most notable video was titled “The Red Pill” which discusses how America has lost its way in recent years by following what others want instead of believing in themselves as individuals. This video earned her many supporters including Kanye West who tweeted his support to her after watching it. It even inspired him to change his album name from “Swish” to “Waves

How did candace owens get famous?

Candace Owens, a conservative commentator and activist, is best known for her YouTube channel where she discusses everything from politics to social issues. She has been in the spotlight recently after Kanye West tweeted about her. He called her “the most beautiful creature on Earth.”  Candace was raised by a single mother of four children who was addicted to drugs. She struggled with homelessness as well as poverty and would often make money by selling drugs. After being kicked out of school at 16 years old for fighting, she had no other choice but to work full-time at McDonald’s while taking care of her siblings. The experience gave Candace an insight into how life works that many people never get the opportunity to see firsthand.

She gained prominence after appearing on Turning Point USA’s YouTube Channel, and then on FOX News’ The Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham. Her views have been seen as controversial by many in the media, but she claims to be speaking out because she believes that black people need to be empowered instead of told they’re victims.  Candace has also made headlines for criticizing former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former first lady Michelle Obama, claiming that they don’t represent what America is today – which leads one to wonder what does?

Candace Owens professional career takes off

“Candace Owens is a conservative commentator, author and activist. She has been an outspoken critic of the Black Lives Matter Movement, which she considers to be racist.” 

“She was formerly a member of the liberal media but left due to her frustration with what she saw as misinformation from members of the press.” 

“In December 2017, after Kanye West tweeted his support for Trump and brought attention to “Blexit,” Owens’ campaign encouraging black voters in America who share her views on racial inequality to leave the Democratic Party. In September 2018, Owens announced that Blexit had received enough donations for them to have their own office space near Times Square.”

Since she began speaking out against these ideologies in 2016, the 29 year old’s career has skyrocketed with offers coming from all over the country including an event at Rutgers University where she was invited to speak about how conservatism can help black Americans succeed through their own merits rather than relying on government

How is candace owens rich

It’s hard to believe that Candace Owens is rich. After all, she’s been outspoken in her criticism of America and has advocated for socialism. But according to her Twitter account, the conservative pundit and author turned a profit of $293,000 last year. 

She may have been born into privilege as the daughter of prominent New York City attorney David Owens but Candace Owens’ success seems to be completely self-made with no help from Daddy Warbucks – not that he would’ve given it to her anyhow if she had asked for it!

Her YouTube channel has amassed over 3 million subscribers and she has been featured on Fox News, CNN, The Blaze, among others. Candace’s videos cover topics such as politics, culture and intersectional feminism.

 She was the director of communications for Turning Point USA, a nonprofit organization whose “mission is to identify, educate, train and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets and limited government.” Candace’s net worth in 2018 as estimated by Forbes magazine was $1 million USD. This makes her one of the most influential people on Twitter with over 1.7 million followers. 

She has been described by Fox News host Tucker Carlson as “the new face of the conservative movement”.

What makes candace owens successful?

Candace Owens is the founder of Red Pill Black, which she started in 2015. In this role, she has been a prolific commentator on race and politics as related to black Americans. She relies heavily on her Twitter account for outreach and has amassed over 300k followers online. She also produces videos that have gone viral with titles like ‘The Threats That Made Me an Antifascist’ and ‘Why I’m Not Voting’. Her work has been featured by outlets such as Fox News, The Blaze, Breitbart News Network, The Daily Wire and more. 

Candace is an outspoken Trump supporter who is no stranger to controversy or criticism; in March 2018 she was suspended from Twitter after mocking Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg’s college reject

Summing up

Candace Owens is a fervent conservative and a fierce Trump supporter. Recently, she has gained more attention for her outspoken condemnation of the Black Lives Matter movement on Twitter. In one tweet, she stated that “black people don’t have to wear slavery chains to prove their oppression.” As a black woman herself, Candace believes strongly in personal responsibility and entrepreneurship as the key to black success in America. She has also called for an end to identity politics which divides Republicans along racial lines.

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