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Dustin Diamond Net worth is $300 thousand 

Facts of Dustin diamond-

NET WORTH:$300 thousand
Profession:Comedian, Actor, Musician, Film director
Date of Birth:January 7, 1977
Country:United States of America
Height:1.83 m

Dustin Diamond is an actor and reality TV star best known for his role as Samuel “Screech” Powers in the popular 1990s sitcom Saved by the Bell. He also starred on two seasons of his own VH1 show, The Dustin Diamond Show, where he played himself. In 2006, a sex tape was leaked online that featured him with a woman who appeared to be his then-girlfriend at the time. This led to some speculation about whether or not she was just playing along for the camera. It’s been rumored that it’s actually footage from one of their home videos which they had intended to keep private but somebody else recorded it without them knowing.

About dustin diamond

The 1990s sitcom Saved by the Bell was a popular show for many people, but this show is also known for another surprising reason. Dustin Diamond played Screech in the series and he recently went on national television to talk about his latest project: a book.  The book tells all about what it’s like to live with fame at such an early age and how that can affect someone in their adult life. It sounds interesting!

Dustin Diamond, otherwise known as Screech from the TV show Saved by the Bell, is an interesting case study for what can happen when someone has a lot of fame and money at such a young age. He was often in trouble with his parents and teachers for skipping class, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and marijuana. His attempts to distance himself from his old life have been unsuccessful; he’s been arrested several times since then. How much do you remember about the actor Dustin Diamond?

how rich is dustin diamond

In the 1990s, Dustin Diamond became an international celebrity. His show “Saved by the Bell” aired on Saturday mornings and was a staple for kids who wanted to watch something before they went to school or after they got home from school. He played Screech, one of the main characters in “Saved by The Bell,” but as he grew older people couldn’t help but ask themselves how rich is Dustin Diamond? 

Diamond’s net worth has been estimated at $170 million dollars which makes him one of Hollywood’s richest actors with a net-worth under $200 million. This figure comes from his time playing Screech on “Saved By The Bell.” But because of various scandals and bad luck throughout this career.

Dustin Diamond, best known for his role as Screech in the TV series “Saved by the Bell,” has had a turbulent life. He was convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to prison time at age 20, released on parole after serving 7 months. His current net worth is estimated to be 300 thousand dollars with various sources citing different figures due to lack of available information about his assets. 

how famous  is dustin diamond

Dustin Diamond, also known as Screech from the 1990s sitcom Saved by the Bell, is a high-profile celebrity. His personal life has been plastered all over tabloids and social media for decades now. The question on everyone’s mind is how famous is Dustin Diamond? Along with being an actor, he has done stand up comedy, written books about his experiences in Hollywood and released rap songs on YouTube. He was even arrested for possession of cocaine back in 2006! So what does this mean exactly? Well it means that Dustin Diamond’s fame continues to grow as time goes on – whether people like him or not!

Dustin Diamond (born December 14, 1977), better known by his stage name as Screech, is an American actor and television personality. He played the role of Samuel “Screech” Powers in the NBC sitcom Saved by the Bell from 1989 to 1993. The show became a pop culture phenomenon and launched him into celebrity status at age 17. After graduating from high school, he began acting on Broadway before returning to Hollywood to star in several TV movies such as Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead and Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh. In 2008 Dustin found himself back in prison for two months after being convicted of felony burglary stemming from a 2006 incident. 

Dustin has been arrested for stabbing someone with a switchblade knife outside of a bar. He was later acquitted of all charges against him. In 2012 he released an autobiography called “Behind the Bell” that details his life before and during his time on Saved by the Bell. The show lasted from 1989 to 1994 and quickly became one of America’s most popular teen shows ever on daytime TV. His book sold over 1 million copies worldwide in just 2 years! 

Dustin also starred in Celebrity Boxing: Round One where he fought George Lopez (a fellow TV star).


Dustin Diamond, best known for his portrayal of Screech on the popular 1990s sitcom Saved by the Bell, has been involved in a number of controversies over the years. Often these incidents have occurred as he tries to leverage his fame from Saved by the Bell into a career in Hollywood.” 

He was convicted of both misdemeanor disorderly conduct and possession of cocaine last December after an altercation with security at an IHOP restaurant.  

He also pleaded no contest to trespassing charges stemming from a 2012 incident where he allegedly walked onto someone’s property while hunting for Bigfoot.

Dustin Diamond, a former actor and reality TV star who was known for his role in Saved by the Bell, has been arrested on suspicion of murder. This is not the first time that he’s had an arrest related to a crime. In 2008 he served four months in jail for selling sex tapes and last year he was arrested for allegedly stabbing someone with a switchblade at a bar brawl. With all this happening it is important to know more about Dustin Diamond so you can have your own opinion about him.

Summing up

Dustin Diamond is a former actor and comedian. He played Screech from Saved by the Bell in the TV series of the same name. Dustin’s life changed when he was found guilty for stabbing to death his co-star, Ryan Thomas Murphy with a kitchen knife. Now, he has come out with his autobiography titled “Behind The Bell” which talks about what led him to this crime as well as other secrets that were never revealed before on screen or off it.

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