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Facts about Fat Joe

Profession :Rapper and entrepreneur
Country:Brooklyn, New York
Birthday date:August 19th 1970

Rapper and entrepreneur Fat Joe has sold more than four million albums in the United States. He was also nominated for three Grammy Awards and two MTV Video Music Awards. His net worth is estimated at $30 million. Joe is also an entrepreneur who owns several restaurants in New York City. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, on August 19th 1970, to parents of Puerto Rican descent.

What makes him successful?

A rapper and entrepreneur, Fat Joe is known for his collaborations with artists like J.Lo, Ashanti, Jay Z, Madonna, to name a few. He has also released two solo albums, from which his first one was certified platinum by the R.I.A.A. in 2006, while he received another certification as of 2008. His latest album, “The Darkside Vol. II”, made it on Billboard’s Hip-Hop Albums chart at number three when it debuted in 2013, so he knows what works to make him successful!

Fat Joe is an American rapper who found success collaborating with other well-known rappers such as L.I.L.’ Kim or Beyonce Knowles over the years, but that doesn’t mean he stopped releasing music himself; there are two albums to mention, “Jealous Ones Still Envy”, which was certified platinum by the R.I.A.A. in 2006 and his latest album “The Darkside Vol. II”.

Fame and Work

The rapper Fat Joe has been on the scene for more than 20 years, and in that time, he’s racked up a list of accomplishments. He began his career as an artist with Terror Squad, releasing albums like True Story alongside Big Punisher before going solo to remove Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.). His work didn’t stop there, though, thanks mainly to collaborations with artists such as Ol Dirty Bastard from Wu-Tang Clan fame which led him into producing music for Boricua rapper Tego Calderon who would go on to have success both domestically and internationally too after Joe had collaborated with him and persuaded Atlantic Records to sign him in 2002.

Joe later released All or Nothing: Live It Up and The Elephant in the Room, becoming two of his most successful albums. Later on, he would produce with rapper Cameron for rapper Vado’s album A La Modelo.

Joe’s most recent album is 2012′s The Elephant in the Room. And while it didn’t match up to his previous success, he still managed some notable collaborations with rapper Rick Ross and rapper Wale and more mainstream artists like Chris Brown.

Early career

This blog post will explore Fat Joe’s work through some different aspects, including collaboration with other rappers from both the East Coast and West Coast scenes, his production abilities which led him into producing for Tego Calderon, who would go on to have international success too after Joe had collaborated with him and persuaded Atlantic Records to sign him in 2002, how he has tried to maintain credibility since releasing All or Nothing: Live It Up by collaborating only primarily local talent.

Another one of Joe’s success stories came from signing a deal as a judge on American Idol alongside Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj but was later replaced by Keith Urban thanks to contractual obligations.

The rapper is also well known for collaborations outside of music such as advertisements, T.V. show appearances, hosting duties at events like MTV Music Video Awards and B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards. Fat Joe has been seen touring across North America, supporting rapper Rick Ross’s Hood Billionaire Tour.

Personal Life and Earnings

The rapper, entrepreneur and producer Joseph Cartagena, known as Fat Joe, is an American rapper.

Fat Joe’s family lived on Federal Hill in the South End of Boston. They later moved to Rindge Avenue near Harvard University. His father was from Puerto Rico, and his mother was from Brooklyn; he also has roots in Colombia. At age 16, year-old Fate got into a life of drugs but managed to graduate high school while doing so. He then continued onto university, where he graduated with a degree in accounting or economics before moving west for greener pastures.

Summing up

In 1988, rapper Big Daddy Kane with music producer Marley Marl released “The Bridge” as part of the soundtrack to his film debut. The song was written by MC Shan and D.J. Mr Magic, who received writing credits on this track for its lyrics that detail Bronx life. Fat Joe is featured in one of two versions of this track, alongside rapper Kool G Rap; their version contains three verses while the other features just one verse from each rapper. The original single release contained no credit or mention whatsoever. Still, it has been speculated that he added these artists for promotional purposes only – they’re not involved in the song’s creation nor mentioned anywhere else in its album liner notes, which explicitly lists all performers.

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