Joji Net Worth

Joji net worth is $8 million

Facts of Joji-

Profession:Singer, musician  
Date of Birth:18th September 1992
Country:United States of America

Joji is a 23 year old American singer, songwriter and record producer. He was born in Agoura Hills, California to parents who were both Japanese immigrants. In 2018 he has been earning $4-6 million dollars per year from his music career with singles such as “Slow Dancing in the Dark” and “Come Closer” on Spotify alone. 

Who is joji?

Recently, a new wave of artists have been steadily rising to fame. These artists are typically musicians who use Youtube as their platform to share their music with the world and for people to find them. One artist that has recently had success in this genre is Joji. He is twenty three years old and was born in Tokyo, Japan on November 7th 1993. His real name is George Miller but he goes by Joji when he creates his music because it’s easier for him since his father named him after the Japanese painter “Jo”ichi Yasui so that might be why he wanted an alternative pseudonym for himself.

In the past five years, Joji has amassed a following of over 50 million fans on YouTube. His persona is an odd mix of deadpan humor and a self-deprecating tone that leaves his audience guessing about what he will do next. He gained notoriety with his “Pizza Slice” video where he cut a pizza in half before awkwardly eating it without utensils. He was also featured in Katy Perry’s song, “Swish Swish,” which she performed at this year’s VMA Awards alongside Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. Recently, he released two singles called “Slow Dancing In The Dark” and “Will They?” both off of his debut album BALLADS 1 due out Friday October 20th.

How did Joji get famous?

Joji is a 24-year old singer from Tokyo, Japan. He has been active in the YouTube community for years and now he’s signed to Island Records. Joji started making music when he was 16 years old, but his first popular song “Will He” took off in 2017. He’s been releasing music since 2010 and has amassed an impressive following of over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

His first big break was in 2012 when he started to work with the popular Japanese rapper Dok2. In 2013 he released his debut album “In Tongues” which peaked at #16 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart. He followed this up with a collaboration with G-Eazy called “Good Life” which reached #1 on the U.S pop charts, leading him to release his second album “Slow Dancing in the Dark”.

He also has a Youtube channel with over 8 million subscribers where he posts comedy skits as well as Vlogs of him going on adventures around the world such as visiting Japan for the first time.  In 2016 he released his first album called In Tongues which rose to #1 on iTunes in Australia and New Zealand shortly after it came out. It also peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 charts in only one day!

Joji rise to success

The beginning of Joji’s career was anything but glamorous. Living in a small apartment with his mother and two brothers, the lack of space meant that he had to sleep on the couch or in a sleeping bag on the floor. The only music equipment they could afford was an old keyboard which they shared between them all. 

Despite these humble beginnings, joji has managed to become one of the most successful artists today – releasing several platinum singles and collaborating with some of hip-hop’s biggest names such as Pusha T, A$AP Rocky, and 21 Savage. He even won a golden globe for Best Original Song for “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” which is featured in “Fifty Shades Darker”. What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is the fact that he was not even able to attend school due to his mother’s financial struggles.

Now, Joji has started a new chapter in his life – one where he can focus on making music without having to worry about money and stability. This allowed him to travel extensively through Asia and Africa while still being fully immersed in the hip-hop scene of New York City. His release “In Tongues” which features rising star Anjulie showcases these influences beautifully – blending japanese synths with trap beats for an unconventional sound perfect for today’s generation…

How rich is joji?

One of the most common questions we get is how rich is Joji? So let’s take a look at his net worth. He has made $1,000,000 in music and tours but he also makes money from merchandise and endorsements. His net worth comes to about $8 million dollars which isn’t bad for somebody who does what they love.

He is an inspiration for how you can maintain your individuality while being successful in a world that often values conformity and sameness. The internet can be full of trolls, but Joji stays above it all because he knows that at the end of the day, there will always be someone else out there that shares his interests no matter what they are.

He started off as a YouTube star with over 7 million subscribers on his channel “Joji” where he posts music videos that range from rap to R&B to acoustic covers of popular songs. His most popular song currently is “Slow Dancing In The Dark.” Joji’s success really blew up after he released the hit single “Will He” which went viral on Youtube and Spotify within hours of being published- it even had Drake remixing the song for him.

How does Joji spend his millions?

Joji is a 20-year-old rapper who has made millions of dollars in just two years, but how does he spend his money? He doesn’t have much time to spend it because he’s always on the go, so all of his spending goes towards travel. His top three purchases are plane tickets, hotels and rental cars.He doesn’t spend his money on extravagant things like clothes, cars or wild vacations

 He spends it on his family, friends and music production. Joji does not have any children but has been seen supporting many charities such as donating to the Red Cross in Japan after the earthquake in 2011.

Summing up

Joji’s life is filled with many surprises. He was born to a Japanese mother and an American father, who he never met. Growing up in Tokyo, Japan his mom would always tell him that even though he looks different from the other kids, they were still family and none of that mattered. He thought it was just because she wanted more kids but when he turned 18 she revealed to him that his dad lives in the states. We now know why Joji left home for America after graduating high school at age 17! His first year living on his own has been interesting as we have seen through social media posts on YouTube and Instagram stories. He is now one of the most popular musicians among teens.

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