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Facts about Lil Tecca-

Profession :Rapper
Birthday date:August 26, 2002

Lil Tecca, or rapper, is a YouTube sensation who has amassed over 2 million followers on the platform and was just named Forbes’s “Richest YouTuber Under 21.” Despite his young age of 20 years old, he was born on August 26, 2002, in America. Lil Tecca has a net worth of $3.5 million from his music career alone. However, this rapper continues to live paycheck-to-paycheck in Atlanta, Georgia and struggles to make it in the music industry with no natural support system around him. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and started making music at age 12 with his sister’s encouragement. He got his name “Tecca” from the childhood nickname “Tec”, which stands for Techno Energy Cat.

What makes him successful?

Lil Tecca has a YouTube channel where he uploads his music videos and vlogs and is on Instagram. He also does interviews with other famous YouTubers such as Zach Clayton & Jacob Sartorius.

Lil Tecca is not shy about telling people what it takes to be successful in the age of social media. “It’s hard work,” says Lil Tecca, when asked how he manages all these platforms while still finding time for schoolwork!” I have my schedule that I gotta make sure I’m doing.” His plan? To stay up 25 hours straight each day so that there are no breaks! This may seem like an impossible task (and most likely unhealthy), but by getting all his work done in one day, he can sleep the next. “It’s a little tiring, but it works.”

Lil Tecca knows that if he wants to be successful on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, then hard work is vital. He has worked constantly since starting high school – filming videos for all three platforms every week! It seems like Lil Tecca will have no problem with staying up well past midnight as long as camera lights are glaring down at him; we’ll hope he doesn’t forget about managing his health too.

Early career

Lil Tecca is successful because he puts in the work. He records videos on YouTube, posts pictures to Instagram and tweets about his life for Twitter every day. His hard work has already paid off as Lil Tecca’s followers continue to grow! We’ll all be watching him live out his dreams from college dorms to the rapper world.

Lil Tecca knows that if he wants to be successful, then hard work is vital, and it’s starting to show – his followers are growing by the day! We’ll all be watching him live out his rapper dreams from college dorm rooms to Billboard charts as he continues hustling on social media.

Fame and Work

Lil Tecca is an American rapper from Atlanta. He first appeared on the music scene with his song “Uh Huh”, which was released in 2016, when he was 12 years old and signed to Columbia Records. By 2017 at age 13, Lil Tecca had accumulated over a billion views through social media outlets such as YouTube and Facebook, with more than three million followers on Instagram alone. His videos have been viewed by celebrities like Cardi B, who has shared her appreciation for him on Twitter. In 2018, Lil Tecca won the best new rapper of the year award at BET Hip Hop Awards while being nominated for several other categories, including rapper of the year but did not win any of them.

As previously mentioned, one way that artists make a name for themselves is through social media. One rapper who has done this effectively is Lil Tecca, also known as Tecca or Teeccy.

  • Be yourself and do what makes you happy. If someone wants to be an artist, they need to focus on their craft and not worry about conforming to other people’s ideas of what art should be like. It takes hard work, persistence, honesty with oneself, family support, and passion for music-making activities such as writing lyrics or playing instruments to succeed in the industry.
  • Organize events where friends can come together. It helps them feel connected by being around others who share similar interests while still enjoying themselves.
  • Create a YouTube channel about your life or art. It can be an opportunity for people to get more insight into what you’re all about and who they are following, as well as it’s one of the easiest ways to start building up followers before branching out on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Personal Life and Earnings

Lil Tecca has been a rapper, singer and songwriter since the age of 13. He is only 19 years old, but he already has some impressive numbers to his name.

  • According to Forbes, Lil Tecca made $21 million in 2021, which puts him ahead of rapper 21 Savage, who earned about 17 million dollars for the year, and rapper Young Thug who brought in 11 million that same year.
  • Lil Tecca also passed YouTube star Logan Paul, with over six billion views on his channel, whereas Logan Paul’s channel had five billion per 2019 data from Tubular Labs.
  • On Instagram, Lil Taye currently has 16.0million followers, while Selena Gomez tops out at 140+million followers.
  • On YouTube, rapper Lil Tecca has over 18 million followers, whereas rapper Drake only had 17.0million per 2019 data from Tubular Labs.
  • As of September 11 2019, rapper Lil Tecca surpassed rapper Jay Z in some subscribers on his Instagram account with 19.0million followers as opposed to 15+million for rapper Jay Z at the time, according to SocialBlade stats.

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