Matt Carriker Net Worth

Facts about Matta Carriker-

Profession :Football player
Birthday date:March 26, 1983

Matt Carriker is a retired NFL player who has a net worth of $6 million. Matt Carriker was born on March 26, 1983, and grew up in Houston. He played football for the University of Nebraska and was drafted by the Washington Redskins in 2006. After few years, he retired from playing to become an analyst on ESPN’s College GameDay show.

What makes him successful

This is Matt Carriker. He’s a former NFL player who played 14 seasons in the league, and you’re looking at him right now because he was on his way to success before retiring from football. While I can’t tell you what exactly makes someone like that so successful, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be physically fit for anyone who wants to be an athlete-especially in America where everything seems geared towards making people unhealthy!

He was drafted back in 2006 by the St. Louis Rams and went on to play for them until 2009, which is when he became a member of Washington’s team-the Redskins-and played there from 2009 to 2013. Even though his career ended after that year, it didn’t matter because he had already managed to accomplish so much.

Before retirement, he had been voted to the Pro Bowl five times and made it into the NFL All-Decade team for the 2010s (as well as a part of its second team). In addition, he was also ranked number one on ESPN’s “Greatest St. Louis Rams Player Ever” list in 2009

Early career

What’s he been up to since then? In 2014, Carriker became an analyst for the CBS Sports Network and a commentator on Fox’s coverage of college football. He does a lot of guest spots on sports talk radio programs as well.

He has even written two books: The Hammer: Building A Champion One Body Part at a Time, which was published in 2013 and came out to rave reviews; as well as The Offensive Line: A Football Coach’s Guide To Blocking And Run-Blocking (co-authored with Doug Farrar), which came out just this year.

One of the things that I think makes him successful is his work ethic. He has said that he’s always felt like the underdog and that it was this drive to prove people wrong whenever they said he couldn’t or shouldn’t do something that ultimately helped him get where he wanted to be.

He also mentioned how his father had been a former player himself and would often tell Matt about what it took for him-his dad-to to get to where he was. The more Matt listened, the better his chances of someday achieving what his dad had done before him.

Matt Carriker Net Worth

Matt played football for the University of Oklahoma from 2005-2008. He graduated with a degree in kinesiology (study of human movement) and sociology/anthropology before being drafted by the St Louis Rams at pick number 11 overall in the 2008 NFL draft. In 2010 he made his first Pro Bowl appearance after recording 16 tackles during that season.

In 2011, he suffered an injury when playing against Dallas Cowboys; while recovering from this injury, he became a chiropractor so that to be able to help professional football players recover faster than without him doing it himself as well as also allowing them more time off between games which is good for their health but bad for football teams.

He retired from football on September 12, 2018, which made him one of 20 current players who played all their careers without ever playing for any team other than the one they were drafted by or first signed with as an undrafted free agent (the others are Drew Brees [drawn by San Diego Chargers], Ed Reed [Baltimore Ravens] and Tom Brady [New England Patriots]). He currently works at University Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham as well as other football clinics and chiropractors.

Personal Life and Earnings

Matt Carriker, football player for the Carolina Panthers

  • Personal Life: Married his wife Leslie in 2006. They have two children together and live in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Earnings: In 2009, he signed a one year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs worth $825K

We all know that football players are burdensome individuals who play intense games, but many people don’t know much about their personal lives and how much they make on average. Matt Carriker is no exception to this rule; he plays football professionally for the Carolina Panthers and has had quite a successful career so far. At only 29 years old, it looks like things are just getting started for him! His life isn’t just all football, football and more football, though.

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