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Facts about Nene Leakes-

Profession :television star, actress and author
Birthday date:December 13, 1967

Nene Leakes is an American television star, actress and author who has a net worth of $15 million. She was born on December 13, 1967, in America. She’s best known for being a cast member on the Bravo series The Real Housewives of Atlanta since season one in 2008. Leakes was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to parents Eileen Jones and James Leakes Sr., who were both drug dealers. At age 10, she moved with her mother to Georgia after her parents split up. After graduating from North Clayton High School in College Park, Georgia, she enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology but dropped out before graduation.

What makes her successful?

Nene Leakes is a television star, actress and author. She’s been in the entertainment industry for about two decades now–ever since she was a child! It wasn’t until her role on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” that Nene found notoriety on television again. At first, people seemed to be turned off by how loud and bratty she came across as being; but it didn’t take long before they hooked them into watching this woman who could make viewers laugh with just one line. As time went by, more episodes aired, showing us bits and pieces of what made Nene so successful: her humour. We saw brief glimpses of her life’s struggles through rags-to-riches stories while she also shared advice with anyone who wanted it.

Nene has an impressive list of television, movie and theatre credits that date back decades–but she owes a great deal to her role on “The Real Housewives.” This television appearance caught the attention of producers for Tyler Perry’s hit show “Girlfriends,” where she went on to play the role of Toni Childs.

Early career

Some television stars don’t want their television success to be limited only to one show, so they branch out with other TV roles–but Nene doesn’t have that problem! When she returned for “The Real Housewives” Season Six, it was reported by People magazine that she made $400,000 per episode.

Nene has also published two books: “Reality television star Nene Leakes spills the tea and tells all in this refreshingly candid tell-all.” It’s a book full of stories about her childhood–and how it led to where she is today. “I’m Just Honest” is the second book. It’s a collection of personal essays, including stories about her family, marriage, television career and more.

Nene has said that she can’t imagine doing anything else with her life but being on television–it’s all she ever wanted to do since she was just a child! She’s been fortunate to have television shows such as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and Tyler Perry’s hit show “Girlfriends.”

Fame and Work

Nene Leakes, a television star and actress, is also a best-selling author. As of 2016, she has written four books: “Fat Chance” (2011), “I Don’t Mean To Be Rude…But” (2012), “Pretty Mess” (2014) and “Breach Of Trust” (2015).

The two television shows that she has starred in are The New Normal, where she played a housewife and author named Coco Westmoreland, and Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Her television credits also include roles on Prison Break – playing C-Note’s wife Tasha Jefferson (2006), One Tree Hill – playing the love interest of Quentin Fields (2010) and Glee – appearing in two episodes (2011-2012).

In 2012, she was cast alongside Gabrielle Union as a co-lead on BET’s television series Being Mary Jane. This is her first television show with an African American female lead character. The show premiered in January 2013 to low ratings.

Nene Leakes has also acted in television commercials for Maxwell House coffee and Pantene hair care products.

Personal Life and Earnings

Nene Leakes is a television star, actress and author. She was born in Maryland but raised in Georgia by her mother, Elvira Davis, who worked as a nurse aide to support the family. Nene graduated from high school with honours and then attended college for one semester at North Carolina A&T State University before deciding that she wanted to become an actress instead of pursuing higher education.

She started the television reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where they introduced viewers to NeNe’s unique sense of humour and unfiltered way of telling it like it is. After six seasons, there are no signs of slowing down or stopping- which means more success for this hardworking woman! Nene has appeared on television shows such as Dancing With The Stars, Glee and Don’t Trust the in Apartment 23.

Summing up 

Nene has a net worth of $12 million and is currently a New York Times Bestselling author with her first book, Having A Baby Can Be Murder: From Motherhood to Hollywood And Everything In Between, having sold over 500,000 copies nationwide. She also had two top-ten singles along with various other accomplishments under her belt! Nene Leakes deserves our respect for being so successful without any formal higher education or college degree. Who knows where she will end up next? One thing we know for sure, however, is that this woman keeps getting richer!

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