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Facts about Russell Peters-

Profession :Comedian, Actor, Producer
Birthday date:September 29th, 1970

Russell Peters is a Canadian comedian and actor who has enjoyed success in his career. His net worth of $40 million. He was born on September 29th, 1970, to parents of Indian descent. His father immigrated from India, while his mother came from the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The family lived in Toronto, where he attended York University but dropped out after one year to pursue a full-time entertainment career at age 19 when he won the Gemini Award for Best Performance in Comedy.

In 1988, at the age of 18, he was cast in his own CTV sketch show. In 1992, he was part of an Indian comedian and actor in Airplane II: The Sequel. His breakthrough came when Russell interviewed pop star Michael Jackson on television for MuchMusic’s RapCity program, which led to three other interviews with the King of Pop.

What makes him successful?

Russell Peters is a comedian and actor who has won the Gemini Award for Comedy, four American Comedy Awards, two Canadian Comedy Awards, and others. He was born in Toronto, but he now lives in Los Angeles.

He started his career by doing stand-up comedy at age seventeen while studying engineering at Ryerson University. His parents are Sikh immigrants from India who were not very supportive of this decision but gave him their blessing before pursuing other things such as being an engineer or doctor like they wanted their son to be.

Early career

Peters began performing with established comedians throughout Ontario and eventually moved to Montreal. He served in English clubs because there weren’t many opportunities for Indian comics due to language barriers. He became fluent in English by the time he moved to Los Angeles and has since performed all over North America and on British and Australian television.

He is now widely regarded as Romesh in “The Green Room with Paul Provenza”, a comedian showcased on Showtime Networks. In 2008, Peters won three Emmy Awards: Outstanding Variety Special (for Russell Peters Christmas), Outstanding Writing (for The Life & Times of Peter Sellers) and Outstanding Directing (A Different Perspective). He was also nominated for an International Emmy Award that same year but didn’t win it.

Awards and Honors

Peters started branching out into film, appearing in Mean Girls, Little Miss Sunshine, You Got Served and in the 2009 thriller Confessions of a Shopaholic.

In 2010, Peters teamed up with comedian Ellen DeGeneres to produce JASH. This online network features original comedic videos by Peters and other comedians such as Sarah Silverman, David Cross and Tim Heidecker from “Tim And Eric Awesome Show.” The company has made over 300 short-form comedy episodes available for free on YouTube and has seen more than 30 million times per month since launching this past February.

Peters is also featured in the film Bollywood Superstar, which aired on HBO Canada recently. Recently he’s been working hard at releasing an album under his label called Brown Boy Records, where all but one of the songs on it are his own.

Fame and Work

Peters has been nominated for four Gemini Awards, three Canadian Comedy Awards and won two American Comedy Awards for Best Stand-up comedian. The comedian took a break from stand-up comedy between 2008 and 2010 to pursue acting but returned in 2011 with “The Green Card Tour.” He is also one of the few comedians who can claim they’ve had their own HBO special, which aired on April 22nd 2014, called “Red, White and Brown,” where he explored the differences between people around him by checking out different cultures that makeup Canada.

Russell Peters resides near Los Angeles, California, with their wife Christina Ouzounian and Adam’s new son.

Peters’s successful comedian career has been making strides in recent years, branching out into TV acting and writing and continuing to perform stand-up comedy for audiences around the world. The comedian, who resides near Los Angeles, is married with a newborn child born on April 18th 2019, named after his father, Russell Ouzounian Jr.

He was nominated for a Grammy award back in 2008 and continues to work in Hollywood both on stage and screen while living off of Netflix’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events, where he takes over Neil Patrick Harris role portraying Sunny Baudelaire alongside other famous actors like Ewan McGregor (Belgium), Emily Browning (Violet) etc.

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